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Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Story of Archie into the Kitchen

The funniest thing is me writing a blog on cooking. I have seldom been into the kitchen until my marriage. I still remember the first time I tried to cook, I forgot (actually I didn't know) to put the water in the cooker beneath the vessel set which had rice and toovar Dal and that day's lunch was with full smoke smell. Don't think that I was in my high school, I was in my college first year. Though my parents ate that day saying that the food was good, my mother never allowed me to cook after that :)).

I again tried cooking only after my marriage, with Selvam's help. I used to take hours to cook a simple South Indian meal for two with rice, sambar and a curry :). Slowly I had improved on cooking and this weekend I had cooked a for a lunch party with at least 10 dishes for six people. I should thank Selvam for his patience he has had during this phase and the help he has provided me for this improvement. I have learned all these stuff from the Internet, television cookery shows, friends and relatives and recipe books. So I thought I should start a blog to share my recipes, which I had already experimented at home with various combinations and modifications of all the learned recipes.

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